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Junxing M120: The Best Compound Bow

Junxing M120: The Best Compound Bow



The junxing m120 compound bow is a top-tier model that offers the accuracy and power of the best compound bows. The junxing m120 is known for its power, solid performance, and high level of accuracy. Those are just the highlights – to learn more about this top compound bow take a look at our review below. Please contact our customer service team to get more information!

Introduction to the junxing m120 compound bow

The Junxing M120 is a compound bow that has some of the most impressive features on the market. This bow is designed for both beginners and experienced archers who want to shoot like professionals. It has an adjustable draw length and weight for any user, which makes it very versatile.

The Junxing M120 is one of the most popular compound bows on Amazon because of its high quality and great value for money. If you are looking for a good compound bow that won’t break the bank, then this one should be at the top of your list!

The bow itself is made from aluminum alloy and fiberglass, which makes it lightweight but still durable enough to withstand impacts from arrows without any damage or bending. The limbs are made from fiberglass, so they are strong yet flexible enough to absorb shock during shooting without losing their shape or strength.

In addition to being durable, this compound bow also comes with many other features that make it stand out from its competitors:

- Adjustable Draw Length: The draw length can be adjusted between 25 inches (64 cm) and 30 inches (76 cm). This means that anyone between 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm) and 6 feet tall (183 cm) will be able to use this. This compound bow has many features that make it a good purchase.

Key features of the junxing m120 compound bow

The Junxing M120 is a compound bow that comes with a lot of features. It has a draw length of 29 to 31 inches, a draw weight of 10 to 70 pounds, and a speed of 310 feet per second. This compound bow has an adjustable sight and comes with three arrow quivers.

It also has a camouflage finish, which makes it look even more attractive. The bow is made up of aluminum alloy and the limbs are made up of fiberglass. The riser is made up of machined steel and the limbs are made up of fiberglass. The grip on this bow is made up of rubberized material so that it can be held easily by any person who is using it.

This bow comes with an automatic safety system that ensures that no accidents happen while using this product. This product also comes with an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents any harm from happening when there is no arrow present in this bow during your shooting session

What makes the junxing m120 compound bow great?

The junxing m120 compound bow is one of the best bows you can get right now. It has an excellent draw length, draw weight and speed. The bow also has a lot of features that make it very comfortable to use.

The junxing m120 features a single-cam design that makes it easy to use for both beginners and professional archers. It also comes with a built-in arrow rest, stabilizer, sight, and many other accessories that you need for shooting arrows from this compound bow.

This compound bow is available in three different colors – red, black, and green. It has an adjustable draw length of 30 to 31 inches and an adjustable draw weight between 30 to 50 pounds. The bow has a draw length range between 3 ½ inches to 5 ½ inches, which makes it suitable for young children as well as adults with small stature. If you would like to purchase a Junxing M120 compound bow, please visit our website.

Conclusion about the junxing m120 compound bow

The Junxing M120 compound bow is a top-of-the-line item that you should consider if you’re looking for a new compound bow. The bow is available in different sizes and colors, so there is sure to be one that will fit your needs. The Junxing M120 comes with an adjustable draw length and draw weight, making it easy to customize it to match your specific needs as a shooter.

This compound bow has been used by many hunters and target shooters alike. It’s durable and shoots straight every time. There are no frills or unnecessary features on this bow – it’s just a solid piece of equipment that will get the job done right every time.

The only complaint we have about the M120 is that there are no sights included with it. However, if you plan on shooting this bow at long distances then sights aren’t really necessary anyway (although they would be nice).

FAQS about the junxing m120 compound bow

Q: Can I get a better quality bow for the price?

A: No, the Junxing M120 is one of the best compound bows in its price range.

Q: Is this bow suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced archers.

Q: Will it shoot an arrow far and fast?

A: Yes, the bow shoots arrows at a speed of 315 feet per second and can shoot up to 340 yards (300 meters). It can also shoot up to 35-pound draw-weight arrows.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: The M120 weighs about 4.6 pounds when using 30-pound draw-weight arrows and about 3.75 pounds when using 40-pound draw-weight arrows.

junxing m120 compound bow

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