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Pharos 2: The best recurve bow for new archers, is it really?

Pharos 2: The best recurve bow for new archers, is it really?

The Pharos 2 Recurve bow is one of the best recurve bows for new archers. As we all know, proper technique, safety, persistence and patience are the key to success. And, in order to enjoy archery you need a high-quality, reliable and solid recurve bow. Any experienced archer will tell you that the most important factor when choosing your recurve bow is your draw length. The longer your draw length is, the harder the task is to find the right recurve bow for you, especially since there are not too many models available on the market. If you want to know more, please click here.


The Pharos 2 is a recurve bow that comes with a long list of features. It has been designed to be used by both beginners and experienced archers alike. When you purchase the Pharos 2, it comes with everything you need in order to start shooting right away.

The bow itself is made out of fiberglass and aluminum, which gives it great durability while also making it lightweight. It also features a full-tang design, which helps to make it even more durable and stable when shooting. This means that you won't have to worry about any problems with the bow breaking down on you during your use.

The Pharos 2 also features an adjustable sight that can be adjusted for different distances at the touch of a button. This makes it easy for anyone to adjust the sight so that they can get their arrows hitting where they want them to hit.

Another feature of this bow is its draw weight adjustment system, which allows you to change how much effort is needed in order for you to pull back on the string before releasing it forward again. You can choose between five different settings: 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds or 50 pounds. Each setting will require less effort on your part than

Pharos 2 Recurve Bow Specifications

Draw Weight: 30 lbs. to 50 lbs.

Brace Height: 7" to 8"

IBO Speed: 300 fps - 330 fps (IBO Speed will vary depending on draw length, poundage, and other factors)

Bow Length: 64" to 65"

Let-Off: 80% (approximately)


The features of Pharos 2 Recurve Bow are:

1. It is made of 100% carbon fiber and has a draw weight of 28 lbs.

2. The length of the bow is 64 inches.

3. It has an arrow rest and a hand guard at the front end of the bow’s handle to provide comfort while shooting.

4. It has an ideal design with high-quality materials that make it efficient in hunting as well as target shooting purposes


The Pharos 2 Recurve Bow is a great bow for those who are new to the sport of archery. It is also a great option for those who want to practice with their friends or family members, as it comes in different sizes. This means that you can choose the size that works best for you and your needs. To learn more about Pharos 2 Recurve Bow, you can click here.

The Pharos 2 Recurve Bow is made from composite materials and is painted with an attractive finish. This helps to prevent rusting and makes it easy to clean. The bow comes with a retractable rope cocking device, which makes it easier to draw back the string and shoot arrows.


-    Composite material construction is durable and prevents rusting

-    Comes in different sizes so that everyone can get one that fits them best

-    Cocking device makes drawing back the string easier


The Cons of Pharos 2 Recurve Bow Are:

1. The string is not the best quality material and can break easily.

2. The limbs of the bow can warp or get bent if not handled properly.

3. There are no instructions included with the product, so you have to figure out how to use it yourself.


Pharos 2 Recurve Bow

The Pharos 2 is the latest addition to the Pharos line of bows. It has many features that make it a great recurve bow for beginners and experienced archers alike. The bow itself is made of maple, which is a very strong wood that is also easy to work with. This makes it easy to customize your own bow. It also comes with a stringer, finger tabs, and an arrow rest so that you can get started on your archery training right away.

The Pharos 2 is the second generation of this popular recurve bow model from Bowtech Archery. This bow features some new upgrades over its predecessor, including an improved riser design that reduces torque at full draw and increases stability during shooting. The new riser also provides better balance for increased accuracy and speed when shooting arrows. To learn more, click here!

This bow offers a wide range of draw weights (25-50 lbs) so that you can adjust it as needed based on your strength and skill level. You can also choose from three different lengths based on whether or not you want to hunt from a tree stand or ground blind or if you prefer target shooting instead of hunting animals for food or sport (30", 32", 34").






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