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Best Hunting Bow - Junxing Traditional Bow

Best Hunting Bow - Junxing Traditional Bow

Junxing Traditional Bow(Best Hunting Bow) is crafted by the best Junxing Wood Craft. And this bow has a special shape that can help you practice better, shoot further and more accurate. You will be surprised at how easier it is to perform after some training with the Junxing Traditional bows. While traditional bows can be quite hard to draw, once your body gets used to them, they are great for physical exercise, and also for improving your aim and technique. If you want to know more, please click here.


Junxing Traditional Bow is a traditional Chinese bow with a long history. It was first made in the Song Dynasty and has been used in shooting competitions, martial arts and other activities.

Junxing Traditional Bow is made of bamboo and wood, with an outer layer of lacquer that can be customized according to customer requirements. The handle and bowstring are made of bamboo, while the bowstring is made of horsehair. It can be used for shooting competitions, martial arts or other activities. To learn more about Junxing Traditional Bow, you can click here.


Specifications of Junxing Traditional Bow

Bow length: about 1.6m

Bow weight: about 2kg

Bow limb: Junxing wood (Qinghai)

Bow handle: laminated wood

Bow string: silk or nylon in different colors and materials.

Features of Junxing Traditional Bow

Junxing bows are made with the traditional craftsmanship and modern technology together. These bows are made by hand with natural materials such as wood, horn, sinew and glue. Each bow is unique, with its own characteristics and beauty.

The following are some important features of Junxing Traditional Bow:

1) Longer shooting range: Each set of Junxing Traditional Bows contains 9 pieces (including one bow, two arrows and 6 accessories), which means that you can shoot more accurately at a greater distance than before;

2) More efficient shooting angle: The new design of the bow handle makes it easier for you to adjust your shooting angle;

3) Easier operation: The new design of the bow handle also makes it easier for you to control the direction of your arrow;

4) More convenient use: You can use this product as a decoration or put it in your office

Design of Junxing Traditional Bow

The bow is one of the most important Chinese traditional instruments. It is also one of the main representative instruments in China. The bow has a long history and has been played for thousands of years. The development of the bow has gone through many stages, and the shape and structure have undergone many changes. In ancient times, people used animal bones or ivory to make bows; later they began to use bamboo as raw materials to make bows; finally they made bows with metal alloys. The design of Junxing Traditional Bow includes the following aspects:

1) The material of Junxing Traditional Bow is bamboo, which is easy to bend and flexible but can bear a lot of pressure. This material is suitable for making a bow because it can withstand high pressure when shooting arrows and produce good sound quality;

2) The length of Junxing Traditional Bow varies from about 1.5 meters to 2 meters depending on personal preferences;

3) The thickness of Junxing Traditional Bow varies from about 20 millimeters in diameter to 30 millimeters in diameter depending on personal preferences;

Pros of Junxing Traditional Bow

Junxing Traditional Bow is a Chinese bow of high quality, made of horn and sinew. The positive characteristics of Junxing bow are:

1. Durability: Junxing bows are made of horn and sinew. They are very durable, can last for decades if properly taken care of.

2. Smooth draw: Junxing bows have smooth draw, which makes shooting more comfortable and accurate than other types of bows.

3. Lightweight: Junxing bows are lightweight compared to other types of bows, so they are easier to carry around in the field or when hunting for food.

4. Versatility: Junxing bows can be used for different purposes such as hunting, archery competitions or just for fun.


Cons of Junxing Traditional Bow

The bow is not suitable for beginners.

It is not easy to string the bow. It requires time, patience and practice.

It is expensive when compared to other traditional bows.

The instructions of Junxing Traditional Bow are very simple:

Step 1: Use the leather strap to tie the bowstring on the top of the bow, and then use your hands to pull back the bowstring until it is tight.

Step 2: Put your feet on both sides of the bow, with one foot forward and one foot backward. Then bend your knees slightly, put your arms in front of you, and place your hands on both sides of the bow handle.

Step 3: Lift up your body slowly until you have an erect posture, and then bend forward from your waist so that your upper body is parallel with the ground (but not too close to it), while keeping your lower body still upright. Do not lean forward or backward! Just keep standing there straight! To learn more, click here!

Step 4: Slowly raise yourself up again until you are standing straight again. Do this slowly at first so that you can get used to what it feels like when you are bending forward like this. Then gradually increase speed as you get better at doing this exercise every day


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