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Why You Must Choose Junxing Archery Bow Compound?

Why You Must Choose Junxing Archery Bow Compound?

Junxing Archery Bow Compound is an amalgam of high-quality compounds. Every compound that goes into the making of Junxing Archery Bow is manufactured to meet standards of all the major archery organizations. As the winner of several design awards, this bow already has received a lot of media attention in different fields such as entertainment, sports and military warfare.

Rules Of The Compound Bow

The compound bow is a modern invention that has been around for less than a century, but it has made a very big impact on the sport of archery. The compound bow is a lightweight and efficient weapon. It can be used for hunting, target shooting and even competitions. If you want to know more, please click here.

Here are some of the rules of Junxing Archery Bow Compound:

1.Never use your bow outside of the range unless you have proper supervision.

2.Never use the bow if you have any physical conditions that may hinder your ability to operate it safely and effectively.

3.Always check your equipment before using it and never use damaged equipment! 

4.Always inspect arrows before shooting them! Be sure that all fletching (feathers) are intact, no nocks are missing or damaged and that there are no cracks in the shafts (the main part of an arrow). 

5.Never shoot at anything that moves while aiming at it! 

6.Never shoot at living things unless they are specifically being hunted with permission from local authorities or relevant wildlife management agencies!

Different Parts Of Compound Bow

Here are some of the major parts of a compound bow:


The limbs are the two halves of the bow that curve away from each other when unstrung. They are made from laminated wood or composite materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fibers. The two limbs can be identical in length, but they often aren't.


The riser is what connects the limbs to the bow's grip. It's usually made from aluminum or magnesium alloys and can be round or octagonal in shape. The riser also supports some of the components on a compound bow, such as the sight, stabilizer and quiver.


The grip is what you hold when shooting an arrow. It's sometimes called a handle or handle wrap because it's wrapped with leather or other material to give it extra traction. Some bows have multiple grips so shooters can change how they hold their bows based on personal preference and comfort level when shooting different types of arrows from various distances.

Sight window

Bows have an opening through which you aim at targets while hunting for game or during target practice with friends at a range near your home or office building. Most bows come with sights installed on them, but if

Pros And Cons Of Using Compound Bow

When people think about bows, they usually think about the longbow. The longbow has been a popular weapon for thousands of years and is still used today. However, there are other types of bows that use modern technology to improve accuracy and increase speed. One of these types is the compound bow.


1)    Compound bows are more accurate than any other type of bow available today. Even at distances up to 40 yards, you can shoot an arrow dead on target every single time. This is because compound bows use a pulley system which causes the string to be pulled back at a constant rate, no matter how fast or slow you pull it back.

2)    Compound bows are also very fast when compared with other types of bows available today. Because they have such high efficiency ratings, they can fire arrows at speeds up to 300 feet per second (fps). To learn more about Junxing Archery Bow Compound, you can click here.

3)    The pulley system used in compound bows makes them less tiring on your arms than other types of bows out there today. You don't have to pull nearly as hard on this type of bow because it is pulling itself back for you!

4)    Compound bows are very easy on your wallet because they require less maintenance than other types

5)You can use different types of arrows with this type of bow, including carbon arrows that are flexible and lightweight.


1)It takes skill to learn how to use a compound bow properly.

2)It is expensive compared with other types of bows.

Junxing Archery Bow Compound Technological Points

The Junxing Archery Bow Compound Technological points include:

1.Junxing Archery Bow compound bow is made of the high quality 6061 aluminum alloy, which is lighter but more durable than other materials.

2.The Junxing Archery Bow compound bow comes with adjustable draw length from 17" to 30". This will fit most people's height and draw length.

3.The Junxing Archery Bow compound bow comes with a stabilizer bar and a detachable arrow rest to help improve your shooting accuracy and stability.

4.Junxing Archery Bow compound bow has an adjustable sight with five different settings for different distances, so you can adjust it according to your needs and meet your requirement of shooting range easily!

Junxing Archery Bow Compound Process And Technology

The bow is the most important weapon in archery sports. Its performance directly affects the success of competitions. Junxing Archery has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. The following technical process of Junxing Archery bow compound is mainly introduced:

1, raw materials selection

Junxing Archery uses imported carbon fiber as the main material of the bow, which can effectively reduce weight and improve shooting performance. In addition, Junxing Archery uses high quality materials with excellent properties such as glass fiber and aluminum alloy for other components such as limbs and riser.

2, molding process

Junxing Archery uses CNC machining technology to produce high precision molds. The parts produced by these molds are ready for assembly after they are processed into finished products by sand blasting or polishing treatment.

3, core process

Junxing Archery uses double layer winding technology to make cores with uniform density distribution and good hardness characteristics, thus ensuring good stability when shooting arrows and making it possible for players to shoot more accurately than ever before!

Conclusion of Junxing Archery Bow Compound

If you're looking for a good compound bow, then the Junxing Archery Bow Compound may be the one for you. This bow is lightweight and compact; it's easy to use and it's also affordable. The draw weight ranges from 10 to 50 pounds, so it's suitable for both beginners and experienced archers. To learn more, click here!

This is one of the best bows on the market today because of its ease of use. You can take this bow anywhere with you without having to worry about it being damaged or broken. It comes with a lifetime warranty for all parts and accessories, so if anything goes wrong with your new bow, there is no need to worry as you will get a replacement right away.



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