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Junxing M25 Recurve Bow Archery Hunting

Junxing M25 Recurve Bow Archery Hunting

Junxing compound bow M25 is a modern recurve bow. Its ultra-light weight and stable shooting, also it has strong training value for people. This Junxing M25 Recurve Bow is easy to use, very convenient in wooded areas hunting. The bow is strong enough to penetrate the bamboo tree which is about 6 inches thick.


Junxing M25 Recurve Bow, is made of high quality fiberglass and recurve bow riser. It is durable, portable and lightweight, easy to carry. The new design limbs are made of carbon fiber to reduce weight on the limbs, but it can increase the speed by 20%. Durable alloy sight is securely installed on the bow. Pins made of stainless steel for precise adjustment when aiming.

Junxing M25 Recurve Bow is an all-weather bow that can be used in any weather conditions, even in rain or snow. The bow is suitable for both beginners and experienced archers because it has a high shooting speed and long range accuracy. The bow comes with two arrows so you can start practicing right away without having to buy additional accessories separately.

Junxing M25 Recurve Bow features:

1)Made of high quality fiberglass and recurve bow riser;

2)New design limb made of carbon fiber to reduce weight on the limbs but can increase speed by 20%;

3)Durable alloy sight securely installed on the bow;

4)Pins made of stainless steel for precise adjustment when aiming;

5)High quality string with durable nylon wrapping for better performance;


Draw weight: 30-60 lbs.

Draw length: 24-30 inches

Width: 1.37" (37.5mm)

Axle to axle length: 27"

Brace height 7 5/8" (194mm)


How To Set Up The Bow

If you're looking for how to set up the bow , this article shows you simple steps on how to set up your own recurve bow.

Step 1: Mount the sight

Mounting a sight on your bow is the first thing that you need to do before setting it up. The sight is typically mounted on the top limb of your bow, but it can also be mounted in other places depending on your preferences.

Step 2: Mount the arrow rest

The arrow rest is another important piece of equipment for a recurve bow. It's usually attached to the riser of your bow just below where you place your arrow when shooting. You can also place an arrow rest at both ends of your riser if you like using one over the other more often than other side.

Step 3: Install stabilizers and limb dampeners

A stabilizer is used to reduce vibration and eliminate noise while shooting an arrow from your bow. It's typically made up of rubber or foam material which is placed between two limbs of a recurve bow to help absorb some of its vibrations when shooting an arrow. A limb damper works in the same way, except that it's made out of metal instead of rubber or foam material, so it can withstand

More Stable With Better Accuracy Than Other Bows

Junxing M25 is a great bow for people who want to get into archery. It has a solid build, good accuracy and a competitive price. The bow is made of 100 percent carbon fiber, which makes it lighter than most other recurve bows in the market.

The Junxing M25 weighs 3.2 pounds and can be adjusted to fit any size or shape of person because of its adjustable draw length. The draw length can be adjusted from 26 inches up to 29 inches. It has an 80-pound maximum draw weight, which means it’s suitable for people who are just starting out with archery or those with more experience in the sport.

When looking for the best bow for hunting, the Bear PA Bear Hunter should be on your list of options due to its great quality and reliability. This bow is made by Bear Archery Company, one of the most respected brands in archery equipment manufacturing industry today. If you want to know more, please click here.

The Bear PA Bear Hunter comes with a stabilizer system that helps provide stability when shooting your target at long distances. It also comes with a sight pin that helps you aim more accurately at your target while shooting from afar

This Bow Is A Professional Hunting Bow Designed For Archery.

The Archery Bow is a professional hunting bow designed for archery. It is suitable for both beginners and experts and brings you smooth experience of archery.

The Archery Bow is made of high-strength carbon fiber with a sturdy alloy core to ensure its durability. The bow is lightweight, with an overall weight of about 1 pound, which makes it easy to carry during hunting. To learn more, click here!

This bow comes with a string that can be adjusted according to your height and arm strength so that you can enjoy the most comfortable shooting experience. A Dacron string is also included in the package so you can replace it whenever necessary, which will prolong its lifespan.

If you are looking for a professional hunting bow that is easy to carry around, this one will be your best choice because it won't let you down!



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