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Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

Staying true to its mission statement, Junxing is deeply engaged in providing compound bow that make archery comfortably affordable so that many people can enjoy this lovely sport. This has earned it the reputation of being one of the most respected makers of compound bows and archery supplies in the world today. Its M131 compound bow is its best seller, which has been consistently popular with Asian archers for more than a decade.If interested in Junxing M131 Compound Bow, be sure to check here!


Junxing M131 is a powerful bow that can be used for hunting and competitive archery.

Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

Junxing M131 is made of high quality aluminum alloy that makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. The riser is made of composite material that makes it strong and shock-resistant. It comes with a 60-inch long 7/8 inch aluminum alloy riser which makes it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed archers. The limbs are made of carbon fiber materials which increases its weight up to 3 pounds and 12 ounces, making it ideal for use by hunters who want a lightweight but powerful compound bow. The draw length ranges from 25" - 30" with an adjustable draw weight range from 55lbs - 70lbs before adding any additional weights or stabilizers attached to the bow itself, depending on your preference.

The bow is made from aluminum alloy and fiberglass materials. The fiberglass provides the strength needed to shoot heavier arrows at high speeds. The aluminum alloy helps reduce weight so you can comfortably carry it around when hunting or competing in tournaments.

Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

The limbs are adjustable using a cam system that allows you to change the draw weight of the bow without having to make any permanent changes. This means you can easily adjust it from 15 pounds up to 60 pounds by simply turning a few screws on the limbs. This makes it easier than ever before to customize your bow according to your needs and preferences!The Junxing M131 Compound Bow has an automatic safety system that prevents accidental firing when not in use. This is a great feature for beginners who may not be as familiar with compound bows yet! Learn more click here!

Junxing M131 Compound Bow is an excellent addition to your hunting gear.

Junxing M131 Compound Bow – Quality Hunting Gear at Great Price

This compound bow has a draw weight of 31 pounds and a draw length of 29 inches. The bow comes with an arrow rest and a multi-retention string loop. It also has a total of six bolts, which are fitted with capture nocks.Junxing M131 Compound Bow is easy to use and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. The bow comes with a complete set of accessories, which include an arrow rest and a multi-retention string loop. The total weight of this item is only 2 pounds, making it very lightweight and portable.

Junxing M131 Compound Bow is an excellent addition for your hunting gear. It features a lightweight and durable construction, making it perfect for beginners and intermediate archers.This bow is designed with a compound system that makes it easy to use even by novices. The bow also comes with a sight, so you can easily shoot at your target. The riser of this compound bow is made from aluminum alloy material, which improves its durability and weight capacity.

The limbs are made from fiberglass, which makes them strong yet light enough for convenient use. This bow has a draw weight of 30 lbs., which means that it can shoot arrows up to 30 lbs., making it suitable for all kinds of arrows.The Junxing M131 Compound Bow comes with three arrow quivers for easy carrying around when you’re hunting or practicing on your backyard range. It also comes with three arrows, but you can buy more if needed from any hunting or archery store near your home or workplace


The Junxing M131 is one of the most popular compound bows on the market.

 It's a recurve bow, meaning that it uses a curved limb instead of a straight one. This makes it easier to shoot, and more forgiving for beginners.The M131 features an aluminum riser and limbs, with a draw weight of up to 30 lbs. The draw length can be adjusted from 20 - 30 inches to fit different shooters. Like all recurve bows, this one comes with two strings for left-handed users.

When it comes to compound bows, Junxing is a name that you can trust. This brand has been around for decades and is known for producing high-quality products. The M131 is one of their most popular models, and there are many reasons why it’s so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this bow so great!

The M131 is a right-handed compound bow with a draw length of 29 inches and a draw weight range of 40 pounds to 60 pounds. It comes with an adjustable butt plate that provides comfort and accuracy during your shooting sessions. The cam system uses a single cable system with dual cams and four separate micro ratchets. This allows the shooter to customize their draw length, which is really convenient if you want to change things up from time to time. Finally, the riser has been designed to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing strength or durability – which means that you won’t have any problem holding this thing steady while you’re aiming downrange!


Buying the Junxing M131 will be one of the best investments in your archery career!

The Junxing M131 is a high quality compound bow that is suitable for both beginners and experienced archers. The price tag may seem expensive but considering this bow's features, it is worth every penny.This compound bow has a draw length of 26" to 30", which makes it ideal for people with shorter arms. It is also an excellent choice if you want to learn how to shoot arrows without spending too much money on equipment.

The draw weight ranges from 15 lbs to 60 lbs depending on your preference. The maximum draw weight of 60 lbs means that this bow can be used by adults and teenagers alike. This bow comes with a 3-pin fiber optic sight as well as a safety stopper so that you can feel more comfortable when shooting your arrows.

The Junxing M131 Compound Bow features high quality components such as aluminum riser and limb pocket, fiber glass rod, solid one piece limb design, dual cam system with adjustable draw length from 25" to 30", adjustable draw weight from 10 lbs - 30 lbs. It comes pre-assembled and ready to shoot out of the box (except for string installation). The bow is well balanced making it comfortable to shoot


The Junxing M131 compound bow is relatively inexpensive but has high quality parts.

The M131 is a good choice for beginners because it has a low draw weight and an adjustable draw length from 17 to 31 inches. The bow does not come with accessories, so you will need to purchase a sight, quiver or stabilizer separately.The M131 features a composite riser and limbs made of carbon fiber with a laminated wood core. The riser is stable and light, which makes it easy to hold for long periods of time without tiring your arms or shoulders. The M131 also comes equipped with a wrist guard to protect your hands from the string as it releases from the cams.This compound bow has an IBO speed of 315 feet per second (fps) and draw weight of 50 pounds at 28 inches of draw length. It has an axle-to-axle length of 32 inches and brace height of 7 inches.

The Junxing M131 compound bow is a great beginner bow for anyone looking to get into archery. This bow features many of the same features as higher priced bows, but at a more affordable price. It's not perfect, but it does pack a punch for its price!

Junxing M131 Compound Bow

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